Sod Installation

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Viva Landscape & Design, your trusted source for professional sod installation services! We take pride in transforming dull landscapes into lush, vibrant green spaces that elevate the beauty and value of any property. With our experienced team and top-quality sod products, we ensure a seamless process from start to finish, giving you the lawn of your dreams.



We offer stunning pavers that can transform your outdoor space into a captivating haven. Whether you desire a charming patio, an inviting walkway, or an elegant driveway, our wide selection of high-quality pavers offers endless design possibilities to suit your unique style and needs.

Synthetic Grass


Viva Landscape & Design, your go-to destination for high-quality synthetic grass solutions that bring the beauty of a lush green lawn to your outdoor space without the hassle of maintenance. Say goodbye to mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and say hello to a picture-perfect lawn that stays vibrant all year round.

Irrigation Systems


Ensure your landscape stays nourished and vibrant with minimal effort. With our smart and efficient watering solutions, you can maintain a healthy and green outdoor space while conserving water and saving time.


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Viva will deliver exceptional landscaping services that transform ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary landscapes. With our passion for nature’s beauty and a team of skilled landscape designers, we are committed to creating captivating outdoor environments that harmonize with your lifestyle and bring joy to your daily life.

Outdoor Lighting

Landscaping Services Phoenix, AZ

We will install exquisite outdoor lighting solutions that breathe life into your landscape after the sun sets. With our expertly designed lighting installations, you can transform your outdoor space into a captivating oasis, perfect for evening gatherings, relaxation, and adding a touch of magic to your surroundings.



We can offer premium travertine products that epitomize timeless elegance and sophistication. Known for its natural beauty and durability, travertine has been admired for centuries and continues to be a popular choice for transforming interiors and exteriors into stunning works of art.

Design & Planting

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Passion meets expertise in creating breathtaking landscapes through our professional planting services. From vibrant flower beds to lush green gardens, our skilled team of horticulturists and landscape designers will transform your outdoor space into a botanical wonderland that brings joy and tranquility to your surroundings.


Paver Installation Near Phoenix, AZ

Our exceptional hardscaping services that add beauty, functionality, and structure to your outdoor space. With our team of skilled craftsmen and innovative designs, we turn your landscape into an enchanting masterpiece where nature and artistry come together seamlessly.

Outdoor Firepit Installation

Hardscape Installation In Phoenix, AZ

We specialize in transforming ordinary backyards into cozy, inviting spaces with our expertly crafted outdoor firepit installations. Viva offers a range of custom designs from classic stone firepits to modern, sleek gas-powered models. Each installation is a unique blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal, carefully constructed to enhance your outdoor living experience.